Full Name
Pierre-Marie Binvel
Job Title
VP Product Marketing Connectivity
Orange Business
Speaker Bio
Pierre-Marie Binvel is VP and Head of Connectivity Product Marketing at Orange Business since March 2022.
Prior to taking this position, Pierre-Marie was the Head of the Connectivity Business Unit and in Europe for 4 years and Orange Cyberdefense for 2 years, supporting with his team Orange Business’ customers with their business digital transformation in that region. During this period, Orange Business transformed its core portfolio to successfully bring to market software defined technologies.

Pierre-Marie gained substantial professional experience through multiple global and regional sales and sales leadership roles in both IT outsourcing and telecom companies across Europe. with a focus on the Industry, Oil & Gas and Pharmaceutical verticals.

He lives in Munich with his wife and 2 young sons since 2018. Previously Pierre-Marie was based successively out of Orange Business’ offices in Zurich and Geneva after having lived and worked in Australia, the US, the UK and France.
Pierre-Marie Binvel