ISG INSIGHTS: How Resilient is Your Business?
Date & Time
Monday, June 19, 2023, 3:10 PM - 3:25 PM
Nico Vermeulen

While the 10s were characterized by the fear of disruptive business models, the 20s demand that we deal with not only more extreme but also more sudden events. In today's digital world, organizations rely heavily on technology to run their operations. Any disruption to the IT infrastructure can cause serious damage to a business's reputation and bottom line. That's why having an IT resilience strategy is crucial. Resilience on the next level is more in demand than ever. Being resilient means being prepared for any type of disruption – planned or unplanned – to mitigate the consequences of that disruption.  For your IT strategy enhancing resilience requires more than ever to focus on transformation. It ensures business keeps moving forward, and, in fact, can accelerate transformation by letting you proactively see and adapt to changes to prevent disruption. In conclusion, mitigating the consequences of disruption requires a proactive approach to risk management. Organizations must develop business continuity and disaster recovery plans, implement risk management measures, establish clear communication protocols, and continuously improve their plans. By taking these steps, organizations can ensure that disruptions have minimal consequences, protecting their financial performance, reputation, and customer trust.  

So let’s talk about resilience – of your business, your IT, your data and –last not least - your people.

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Westin Grand Hotel Frankfurt
Konrad Adenauer Strasse 7
Frankfurt 60313
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ISG Insights
How resilient is your business? Resilience during disruption